A New ‘Gem’ of a Booklet by YBA Publications

A very colourful and attractive booklet has been published by YBA Publications. Although only 20 pages it is packed with information about Birthstones. Its origins are with The Hockley Flyer where for 12 issues we ran the corresponding month’s Birthstone and their Myths and Legends.

Included in the guide are brief details of the largest stones and Myths & Legends. Gemstones are fascinating in more ways, we all know diamond is the hardest known natural stone, but what about the oldest diamond? Scientists have found Zircons date back as far as 4.375 billion years, and considering the planet is 4.54 billion years old, they have survived countless trips down rivers, heating, squeezing and tectonic plate rides buried deep in the Earth’s crust and back to the surface. These ancient Zircons were found in Australia in the Jack Hills.

Hopefully, our quick guide will spark your interest in gem stones, of which there are many more than the Birthstones we have covered in this ‘Quick Guide’. If we have caught your imagination and you would like to know more, there are many different Gemmology Courses available, at all levels.

It will make a special ‘gift’ for a friend or relative, and at only £2.50 will not exactly break the bank – (discounts for quantities).

If you have a retail outlet you may wish to sell some booklets or even give them out as a gift to special customers and it will soon be on sale at various locations around the Jewellery Quarter.

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